2007 Yranigami Digital Art Cinema Show

2007 Yranigami Digital Art Cinema Show

May 5, 2007
From 7:00 to 9:00pm

Featured Digital Movies:

Pog Painting
Directed by Alfonso Ricardo
Running time: 6:45
Country: USA
Genre: Experimental (Flash)

Piles of Dirt
Directed by Julian H. Scaff
Running time: 12:30
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Documentary/Art (digital video)

Directed by Anna Chin
Running time: 29:00
Country: USA
Genre: Experimental (digital video & animation)

Tea Jelly
Directed by Jing Li
Running time: 9:10
Country: Taiwan
Genre: Animation (Flash)

Rover Red Rover
Directed by Alana Pekelo
Running time: 27:50
Country: USA
Genre: Experimental (digital video)

After a year hiatus we are bringing back the Digital Art Cinema Show. Join us for an evening of truly exciting and ground-breaking digital movies from five exceptional artists. Afterwards there will be drinks and a reception in the gallery. Please RSVP as soon as possible as based on the pre-announcement interest we expect this event to be packed.
-S. Russell

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