"Woman with Pixels" by Hiro Takeshi

On exhibit now are a collection of digital paintings by Hiro Takeshi and a video installation by Jasmine Hilo.

-S. Russell

About the Yranigami Gallery

Toward a Digital Aesthetic by JD Jarvis

Interface as a New Aesthetic Category by Lev Manovich

The Net of Art and the Art of the Net by Hans-Georg Turstig, Ph.D.

Art and Authenticity in the Age of Digital Reproduction by Julian H. Scaff

Enemy of Nostalgia, Victim of the Present, Critic of the Future - Interview with Peter Lunenfeld By Geert Lovink

Join us on May 5th for our "DIGITAL ART CINEMA SHOW". Featuring works by Alfonso Ricardo, Julian H. Scaff, Anna Chin, Jing Li, and Alana Pekelo.

Some net artists and art to check out:

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